Buckwheat, White

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45 days. Tender plant used as a warm-season cover crop. Plant anytime in warm weather; incorporate into soil when flowering begins (4-6 weeks). It can be planted and tilled under several times in a summer. It is well known for adding organic matter to the soil -- and produces delicious and nutritious, edible seeds! Pretty white flowers.

    • 6-12 hours of Sun
    • Sprouts in 7-12 Days
    • Ideal Temperature: min 41 F
    • Seed Depth: 1/4"
    • Plant Spacing: 6"
    • Frost Hardy: No
    • Fagopyrum esculentum

Growing Tips: Buckwheat blooms very quickly, often 6-8 weeks after sowing. For soil improvement, plants should be mowed as soon as blooms appear. For grain, wait for full maturity.

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Minimum Seed Count: 500
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