Kate, Zone 6a
December 31, 2012
Long time to harvest, but fun and tasty vegetable
Easy to Grow 4.0
EarlyMaturity 2.0

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I never thought I would see my leeks become the store-bought giants we've previously purchased for use in stir fry and soups. But after patient indoor growing, to transplanting what looked like blades of grass, and a record-heat summer, these were a prized vegetable in my garden. A bit of maintenance as I had to shore up each plant base with mulch and straw numerous times to get more edible stalk. Pulled leeks from September to November; smell and taste were consistent and wonderful! In researching how to plant/grow leeks, I found a few different methods but ended up transplanting each leek into a deep hole, setting them gently inside and gradually watering to fill. I was amazed that this worked - a really fun and different growing process than I have ever tried before. Close to 100% germination rate, and none were disturbed by animals, pests, or diseases. Saving a few in the garden with the hopes of getting seed in the spring! Love this leek.

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