Carosello Scopatizzo Barese Melon

South Italy is the epicenter for a very unique group of melons- Melons that are grown exclusively for eating when they are young , green and tender!  These melons are known in Italian as the Carosello melons.  This particular variety hails from the hot dry area around Bari Italy.  Like real cucumbers ( Cucumis sativus) these melons are crunchy and tasty when young.  This particular landrace: " Carosello Scopatizzo Barese" is very crunchy with a mild and delicious aroma.  Use in salads, eat them raw, they are considred by many to be superior to real cucumbers.  They will grow in most areas in the USA.  They are fun have a great history and story and are well worth trying if you are looking for another great summer vegetable to add to your menu!


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