Chamomile, Zloty Lan

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Annual. This Polish chamomile is bigger and higher yielding than the standard and is easy
to grow at home from seed. It has a wonderful aroma and is used to make teas. Chamomile is one of the herbs used in biodynamic compost preparations and has a high level of essential oils. The compounds in this herb have been extensively studied for their health benefits.

    • 6-12 hours of Sun
    • Sprouts in 10-14 Days
    • Ideal Temperature: 68-85 F
    • Seed Depth: Surface Sow
    • Plant Spacing: 8"
    • Frost Hardy: Yes
    • Matricaria recutita

Growing Tips: Surface sow, gently pressing into soil; cover lightly. Keep moist until sprouts appear. Set out transplants after last frost of spring, or direct seed after frost. Self sows readily.

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Minimum Seed Count: 300
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