North East, OK, United States
November 21, 2018
Tried for 3 years
Easy to Grow 1.0
EarlyMaturity 1.0

What are the pros? N/A

What are the cons? Weak, bugs, disease, fruit rot


I tried growing these 3 seasons in a row, germination was always good but they consistently failed to thrive and produce. Of the very few fruits that would grow, they would rot quickly on the vine (not blossom end rot). Vines succumbed to disease and grew weakly from the outset. I'm not a novice gardener, I grow heirlooms every year (typically 16-20 varieties of tomatoes) and have never had another variety behave this way. I've only grown the Cherokee's from seed purchased from Baker Creek so cannot fully attest that it is the variety that's the problem, but I will likely not try these again, from Baker or elsewhere. Plenty of other Baker purchases have produced very well (so I'm not dogging on Baker). It is very likely this variety is just not suited to my area which is a bummer as I am Cherokee Indian myself and always like to try out Native plant varieties.

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