Fruit and Berries

Spokane, WA, United States
November 11, 2018
Took over the compost
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 5.0

What are the pros? pretty berries

What are the cons? self seeding psychopath


These plants grew super easy, easier than tomatoes for me. Then the birds ate a few and two weeks later these little buggers were popping up in every corner of my garden! My garden is in the back of my property and these buggers were popping up across my acre in my front decorative pots on my house . . . so either its my compost or the birds . . . pretty cool in a few ways but mostly just annoying. I thought the black berries were neat and the white star flowers were nice but tiny and the flavour really lacks on these, though they made a nice jam . Currently 30 degrees outside and I found another one popping up in my cleaned out flower bed . . . I'll leave it for the birds but definitely not like tomatoes which have the decency to die around 40 degrees.

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