December 13, 2012
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I have space in a community garden here in Ventura, CA - zone 9a. I planted these in 15-18" tall 4x8' raised beds that are half sunk into the ground. I just did a single row across the 4' line of these radishes. I thinned them to about maybe 8-10 radishes. I'm sorry I didn't keep track of how long they were in the ground for, but I completely forgot I had planted them! They were SO HUGE in the ground that I mistook them for cylindrical beets I had also purchased from Baker Creek. Let me tell you, in the right conditions these things get pretty monstrous. I pulled my first one out of the ground and my boyfriend exclaimed "oh my god! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!" it was the size of my head! I took a picture holding it up standing next to it, it was minimum 7-8 inches long AND. I STILL thought it was a beet at that point! I washed it off and took a huge bite out of the side and my eyes started to water in the most comic way! This radish has me all shook up, I love it. I'm planting so many more and eat them almost everyday in the proper French fashion.I slice them ultra-thin, toast up some sourdough bread, butter it lightly, top the bread with the thin slices and sprinkle a little bit of sea salt on top. It's truly the most simple and amazing way to eat a radish, and these are so perfect for that.

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