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(Pilea peperomioides) Unusual saucer-shaped leaves with glossy, waxy finish make this house plant particularly special and quite soothing in the home. This popular, low-maintenance house plant is known by many nicknames such as Chinese money plant, friendship plant, UFO plant and pancake plant. Native to the mountainous forest understory of Yunnan and Sichuan provinces of China, where it is known to symbolize prosperity. Western interest began with Scottish botanist George Forrest collecting samples in China in the early 1900s. It has been a popular houseplant in Norway and the UK since the 1970s, while remaining relatively obscure in the U.S until just a few years ago. Once American house plant lovers caught wind of this easy to care for and strikingly unusual specimen, it became an overnight sensation. The nickname “friendship plant” is a nod to how easily it can be propagated and shared with friends. 


Planting Instructions: Pilea is an easy-to-grow house plant, excellent for beginners. Provide loose, well-drained potting soil. A mix that has plenty of perlite will be ideal for your pilea, as this will help to prevent soggy soil. Choose a pot with drainage holes. Terra cotta pots are excellent, though any pot with drainage holes will work. Provide bright, indirect sunlight, such as a south- or east-facing window. Allow the top inch of soil to dry between watering. This usually means watering every 3-4 days, but observe your soil moisture for best results. Plants will need more water in spring and summer, and may need water just once a week in winter. Fertilize with an organic houseplant food once a month from spring to early fall. Do not fertilize in winter. Take care not to over water, as this will cause root rot. Yellowing or browning of the interior of the leaf indicates over watering. Under- watered plants will usually turn brown from the edge of the leaf. It is normal for your plant to drop old leaves. Rotate your plant every 2-3 weeks to expose all sides of the plant to light from the window, thus encouraging even growth on all sides. You can repot with fresh soil about every 2 years.

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