Celery & Celeriac

Chinese Pink Celery

A stunning bright pink celery from China. An easy-to-grow variety to complete the nutritional rainbow! Pink celery is popular in northern China, especially Beijing, where the attractive pink stalks are served in high-end restaurants. This tasty Asian type celery is a great choice for beginner gardeners, as it is much easier to grow than European-type celery. Flavor is yummy and lightly sweet, texture is light and crunchy and eye appeal is unstoppable. The color is a brilliant bubblegum pink, a truly delightful addition to the veggie patch and market display. This vibrantly colored veggie is sure to be a hit in kids’ gardens, as well as farmers market. Sure to be the next exciting colorful crop for fresh vegetable marketing. We are excited about the culinary potential of this nutritious and fun variety. It is quite easy to grow, and even the baby plants are stunning, neon pink. We love this!


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