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Clay County Watermelon
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Clay County Yellow Meat (25 seeds) (WM171) $3.00

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Clay County Yellow Meat

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Extremely rare heirloom from Clay County, Alabama. Our original seed had been stored in a freezer since 1976. Yellow-fleshed watermelons reach 50 lbs, and are reputed to be the sweetest, best-tasting yellow-fleshed watermelons grown. Has been grown for at least 100 years. Produced well in spite of drought in our 2008 trials.
Clay County Yellow Meat
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Hayden, AL, United States
January 26, 2017
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What are the pros? Granpa's favorite orange melon

What are the cons? None


Grandpa used to go and find these from a man he knew and he swore they were the best orange melon he ever ate, sugar babies were his favorite red, but Grandma and me always loved Red Rattlesnake watermelons very best of red ones from up on Straight Mountain by Oneonta, Al. Anyway, the flavor was "orangey" and just right, not pulpy, good firm meat, same size as sugar babies, but maybe slightly smaller. They were seedy in the middle, but it was mostly in the center and who cared if you had to spit a couple out, the fleshy part really had something unusual about it, solid and I cannot describe the flavor, except just right sweet and the aroma was heavenly for sure, mmm. I don't know how they grew because Grandpa bought them. But definately a winner on taste and a treat to smell when you cut one open cold:)!

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