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Cocona (25 seeds) (GR230) $4.00

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An easy to grow fruit from the Amazon Jungle! A distant relative of eggplant, cocona is commonly found growing in the Peruvian Amazon. Baker Creek Seed hunters Shannon McCabe and Deb Vlietstra found these at a jungle market in Iquitos Peru. The fruits average 2 inches across with a vivid yellow to red color, the flesh is totally unique, sour and sweet with a distinctly creamy texture. Locals use them to add a tangy kick to sweet juice blends. Fruits are also diced into relishes and served with yuca empanadas. Locals tout the fruits as a healthy diabetic friendly food. Cocona performed very well at Baker Creek this season, growers in zone 6 and warmer should get fruit to mature in one season, in cooler climates these make an excellent greenhouse plant. We start seeds indoors Feb 1 and harvest fruit by Sept. in our Missouri gardens.
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Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 2.0

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Mason M
Winston Salem, NC, United States
December 10, 2017
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 2.0

What are the pros? Healthy plant, lots of fruit

What are the cons? Taste, size


I grew these just because I wanted to. I planted it in a raised bed that we filled with leaf mulch and compost for an entire year, so to say this plant did well is an understatement. 6’ tall and easily 7’ wide. The leaves were the size of my torso (5’11” bodybuilder), and had 4-5 DOZEN fruit on it at its peak. However, I could NOT find a way to make the fruit less sour. It’s easily as sour as a lemon but has a very delicious taste that’s almost like ice cream. I tried boiling them in honey, blending them with berries, and I could not get rid of that coying sourness. Overall, still an amazing plant that survived temps into the upper 30s with no damage. If only I could find a use for them. They also have a layer of powder on them that’s hard to get off

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