Winter Squash

September 6, 2012
Lovely Pumpkins
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Everyone I know that's planted pumpkins this year has either had them not sprout at all or grow a little and just stop and not ever bloom and/or produce anything. Not surprising, since we're in a horrible heat wave and drought in Colorado. However, everyone is envious of our great little pumpkin patch because ours has actually survived, thrived and has been producing very well! It appears that one or two that I planted were victims of the heat, but the rest are doing just find and my kids love peeking under the leaves and finding the beautiful orange pumpkins! Once they start growing, they seem to develop rather quickly. We haven't had a huge yield, but I blame that on our weather situation mostly. In spite of it, though, we have had over ten growing so far, which I think is excellent considering our conditions. I've used these to make pumpkin pie as well and it turned out great!

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