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By Shannon McCabe

Traditional corn has 28% more protein than the average GMO food/feed corn in our study, meaning you have to eat 28% more on average to get the same nutrition. Modern GMO food is full of empty carbs and calories, but greatly lacking in real nutrients. 


Corn is an ancient and sacred crop of the Americas. This plant has taken root across the globe, influencing cultures and cuisines worldwide. A richly diverse crop, corn has been bred to display a rainbow of colors in an array of sizes and shapes. Corn, also referred to as maize, has become a staple agricultural crop with an abundance of uses.

For thousands of years, Mesoamerican cultures have considered corn a sacred crop and a pillar of civilization. Sadly, agricultural industrialization is threatening much of its diversity.

The richly diverse and nutritious crop that sustained the Americas has become a homogenized commodity crop. Corn is a crop that exemplifies the strength and importance of diversity, it has been hijacked for mass production. The thousands of uniquely colorful, nutrient dense, Native American varieties are now considered rare and arcane. Meanwhile a few select Genetically Modified varieties are grown across the country on millions of acres across the heartland. This mega production of maize is mostly transformed into ethanol, other non food products and and much is used to support the massive confined animal feeding operations across the country.

With the advent of Genetic modification, corn has been forced into an arranged marriage with pesticides and other harsh chemicals. Much work has been put into creating GMO corn varieties that can tolerate exposure to massive amounts of pesticides. Millions of acres of GMO corn are sprayed with the herbicide roundup each year. Corn has become weaponized in order to wage war on insect pests and weeds.

America has seen a decline in the diversity of heirloom, traditional corn varieties. This is mostly due to GMO contamination. At Baker Creek, we have tested each and every heirloom corn variety that we offer for the presence GMO contamination. We have seen beautiful, ancient varieties lost to this pollen drift and we have worked to keep our supply GMO free.

We have seen first hand a deterioration of the abundance of colorful, nutritious varieties that once sustained the Americas. The Baker Creek team decided to have the protein and antioxidant levels of our favorite colorful heirlooms tested in a lab. This study can help us understand what humanity is in danger of losing as these varieties fade into obscurity. We also tested a samples of a popular GMO varieties, to compare the nutrition levels of heirloom vs GMO.

The results of this study were astounding, it is clear why these traditional corn varieties have been celebrated for thousands of years. The heirloom varieties were impressively rich in protein, some of the varieties showed double the amount of protein as the GMO sample. We also compared our results to University studies for GMO corn protein levels and the heirloom varieties handily beat those averages as well.

We also tested for the presence of anthocyanin, which is a powerful antioxidant. Many of the colorful varieties that were tested showed impressive amounts of anthocyanins. Anthocyanin has been shown to enhance heart health and to help in the prevention of some cancers.

GMO corn is transformed into the highly processed foods that have infiltrated the American diet. This food is calorie high and nutrient poor. The traditional, heirloom corns of yesteryear can be transformed into healthy, nutrient dense foods. Perhaps the answer to solving America’s diet related health crisis lies in our past, returning crops like corn to their former nutritious glory. The solution may be to revisit the varieties that sustained and nourished humanity in the Americas for thousands of years.


GMO Corn Is Hard To Study: universities are funded by the GMO Lobby

We encountered more challenges than we expected as we sought to compare the nutritional content of our heirloom corn varieties with GMO corn. After making connections with several laboratories and universities, we were dismayed to find that most of them wanted nothing to do with comparing traditional corns with GMO varieties. The labs that were willing to test our corn would not allow us to use their names in the study. One university, after many prior conversations, stopped communicating with us completely upon finding out we intended to test GMO varieties. Throughout the years we have seen many scientists “discredited” by corporate interests that don’t approve of the results of their research. Many universities rely on funding from corporate interests for their science departments. The idea of corporate-influenced lab results is now an absolute reality that is making it increasingly difficult for scientists to conduct real research. We were eventually able to find a lab that would let us use their name and would test the corn. So after lots of work and dead ends we are very happy to present to you the results of our 2018 corn study!


Exact Scientific Services, Inc. produced our scientific analysis.


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