Super chief
Laura, IL
October 15, 2013
Best white se corn fresh or ca
Easy to Grow 3.5
EarlyMaturity 1.5

What are the pros? Coons don't like white corn !

What are the cons? Slow to germinate cool ground


This is a very good sweet corn to plant if you have trouble with raccoons in your garden . It's a very tall corn 8 to 9 ft. And the ears are high on the stalk . With a tall heavy stalk plus the ear up high the coons have trouble getting to it . We had planted about half acre of white and yellow se corn . About the time it was ready the coons got in to it and took the whole patch . It looked like a heard of hogs got it . Stalks weren't very tall they bent th over and got it all. I was telling a older farmer about it and he said plant country gentleman white they won't bother it . I planted it and he was right . They got a few ears but didn't like it . They would bite in to the ear and leave it . We had a excellent harvest of very good sweet corn. Don't plant it in cool ground and watch how close u plant it in the row . Plant it 8 to 10 inches apart . We used to have a cannery near here and they used to plant it for there late corn . It's a good corn for canning or fresh eating corn .

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