Altoona PA, PA, United States
July 22, 2019
Great taste and heat sometime
Easy to Grow 4.0
EarlyMaturity 3.0

What are the pros? Very good flavor and heat

What are the cons? see review


I bought these in 2018. I grew one in a pot and 3 in an in-ground garden. All plants grew well. The ones in the garden grew well over 2.5 feet. Not a lot of peppers all-in-all, but enough since I am the only one that likes hot food in my household. The first generation of these peppers was very hot. However, the second generation had no heat at all. I don't know a lot about growing hot peppers, but I hear that too much water will inhibit heat. if that is true, I think that all the rain we got during the second generation might have ruined their chances of producing heat. But I don't really know. I even let the second generation on the plant so long that a few of them got very deep red, but still no heat, and oddly, no sweetness either. But even if these produce no heat, the taste is still excellent. I am trying them again this year. So far the plants seem to be producing more peppers per plant. But as for heat, we shall see.

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