Winter Squash

Powell, WY
February 9, 2014
Great little squash
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 4.0

What are the pros? Prolific, easy to grow

What are the cons? long vines, not compact


I planted this for the 2013 growing season. First time growing a winter squash, and I was pleasantly surprised! This squash was very easy to maintain, I got dozens of medium sized squash from 2 plants! I picked some young and they were very tasty as a sauted summer squash, and let others mature and harden outside and they stored well for at least 2 months. I am glad I saved seeds as they are out of stock on the website right now and I definitely am going to plant these again this year! Taste great as a winter squash, I pureed the mash and use it in my baked goods. Adds great moisture and texture and vitamins! New favorite that will always have a spot in my garden! Wasn't a compact plant by any means though, it had at least 10 foot vines. Worth the space in my opinion.

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