Toronto, Ontario, Canada
June 9, 2018
CDC Sweet Pepper
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 4.5

What are the pros? Smell, Shape, Colour, Yeild

What are the cons? Not The Best Green


Grew these in Toronto Ontario on a balcony in 5gl buckets. Hot full sun, water once a day, twice on heatwaves. All items I grow are in containers and all my reviews are bias towards that. They where disease resident and yielded quite well for a large fruiting pepper in a container environment. I can confirm spiders do like to hide in the folds as previously stated and its off setting. Would only ever harvest them after a good spray with the hose. Great red pepper for pizzas and salads, strong flavor, could eat on its own with dip but I prefer something milder like a basic sweet bell. The peppers where sub pair when eaten green but my growing conditions are not standard so hard to tell if it was that or the pepper its self. Growing them again as I have left over seed, I love the overall appeal of this pepper, deep red, wavy ripples, thin walled perfect for stuffing, smells fabulous and has good yields. I fell I may like them more if they had proper space/dirt to grow in.

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