Central, CT
September 26, 2013
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 5.0

What are the pros? EVERYTHING!

What are the cons? Nothing.


I did a gardeners 'oops'. I planted these seeds in March in my zone 5b garden - planned on a early summer crop. I put in the plant marker (which got pushed in too far and I couldn't see it), then accidentally planted another crop (celery) in the same place. Honestly, I totally forgot I planted the carrot seeds. Celery requires a LONG time to mature; several months. I put the celery transplants in the ground in early April not remembering the carrot seeds were there. The celery grew large and thick and 6 months later, in mid September, I pulled up the celery and was shocked to find an abundance of amazing carrots! -Especially when I didn't know they were there. Despite ZERO care for half a year, their shape was perfect, no side shoots, the color was vibrant, they were large yet still tender and the taste is just delicious. It's more than rare to find seeds that you can plant and ignore for 6 months that yield such a delicious and tender carrot!

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