Ankeny, IA, United States
January 17, 2019
More of a novelty
Easy to Grow 4.0
EarlyMaturity 1.5

What are the pros? Interesting color

What are the cons? Low vigor, unremarkable flavor


Started these seeds early in a greenhouse. Germination was OK. The plant took a while to really get established, it never got more than 3 feet tall. It was one of the last tomatoes to set fruit out of the 21 different varieties I grew. Once it started producing it never stopped. I would not say it produced a lot but there was always at least one fruit nearing maturity on it. They did not ripen fast and ranged in size from an egg to a small fist size. The skin was a bit thick and it didn't strike me as a very flavorful tomato. They also never cat faced or cracked where many of my other varieties did. With all that being said it was a very attractive tomato and I enjoyed giving them away to family and friends because of their oddity. I didn't expect much as far as production and flavor because this plant was clearly bred as a novelty which it does well. Would I grow it again.... no but I did enjoy it.

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