Blue Dragon Green House
Saipan, Pacific, Northern Mariana Islands
March 30, 2019
Not performing for us at all
Easy to Grow 4.0
EarlyMaturity 1.0

What are the pros? Strong plants

What are the cons? difficult to pollinate


2019, zone 11b . 220 planted, 200 grew. Dropped in ground at a month old, took fast enough and grew well with ALaska FIsh Emulsion, By the time they hit six feet tall, they still had not produced tomatoes, whereas the other varities we are growing had no problem producing tomatoes in the same soil at two feet or less. Disappointing that we did not test the variety before putting so much work into them. Our area has few pollinators and the flowers on Dark Galaxy are large and harder to polinate. We are pulling them all out at 3 months and replacing with cherry varieties that do great herein the tropics with 84 degrees day in and day out. We will keep the few plants that are producing long enough to harvest a half dozen tomatoes. Would only recommend to those in the mainland continents with plenty of pollinators. Should be staked up with fence.

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