Vegetable Seeds

Dragon Fruit Collection (2 Plants, Ships March-July)

Grow outdoors in a sub-tropical climate or grow as an amazing greenhouse plant. It may take a few years to start producing, but when it does, be prepared for super delicious, pink fleshed fruit; yields year-round where conditions are right! Plants need little water and produce lovely blooms, too. (Most varieties are night-blooming; be prepared to hand-pollinate indoor-grown specimens.) We offer 2 assorted small plants for $15.00

Please consider these terms before ordering live plants:
Most plants will be 3”-7” in height. Plants will ship as available after the first of March to the end of
May. We will try to ship orders to southern zones first. No guaranteed exact delivery dates. Plants may
arrive too early and have to be kept inside until the weather warms. Plants may arrive late, as well.
Due to the sensitive nature of small plants, there is the possibility of a crop failure. If such a situation
occurs, we will do our best to issue you a refund in a timely manner. Last minute losses can occur at
any point in our shipping timeline, and we may have to issue a refund even late in the season. No
orders shipped outside of the USA. No Extra shipping costs.


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