Bixby, MO, United States
August 11, 2016
Outstanding Flavor
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 2.0

What are the pros? Unique flavor and color

What are the cons? slow to mature


Oh my! We love this melon. The flesh is deep, lime green graduating to pale salmon at the core. The flesh is soft and tender but not mushy. The ultra-sweet flavor changes as you go from center to rind. The deep green flesh has a honeydew flavor and texture; the salmon fleshed portion has a very musky, cantaloupe flavor. Very unique! The fragrant flesh is visually appealing. The outside of the melon is unimpressive. Light tan netting and all one color when ripe. Looks like any ordinary grocery store cantaloupe. But then you cut it open and realize that this is NO ordinary melon. Do be patient and allow the melons to ripen until all of the green on the outside is gone. I grew these in straw bales and trellised the vines. The ripe fruits fall from the vine and I would find them in the morning laying on the soft bales. For traditional gardening, I would advise slinging the fruits if trellised. This melon is truly one of the best.

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