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August 21, 2014 01:17 PM
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Foodie Heaven



As a chef a dream that often goes unfilled is high quality fresh ingredients “aka” Locavore. My road here to the banks of Baker Creek has been filled with many struggles. Like you I was overwhelmed by the brevity of our collapsing food diversity and the ever so coveted "GMO super gene" Coming from the grain belt this subject, if shed in any negative light, caused a 1972 Towncar to drive by your place of employment at a slow mysterious pace. The unrelenting question remained am I committed to the cause and do I care enough to pull up stakes and put my proverbial eggs in the basket?


Upon arrival, the well manicured gardens, friendly folk and rustic appeal has brightened my culinary eyes and lowered my blood pressure..literally. Sure you can frequently scour the local farmers markets and find a local grower to produce a couple items for you. If your really lucky you might end up with a couple weeks of garlic scapes. As a generational (once removed on my fathers side) farmer and culinary innovator the buck stops here. This is where culinary prowess meets it maker, the epicenter of all things foodie. Can we create a lasting educational environment that will impact future generations? The simple terms of seed saving and bio-diversity are common language here not just a sporty marketing title. This is life.


After gleaning the dew dropped fields into 5 gallon buckets and trudging them up the Ozark foothills to our restaurant I take a breath. I consider this privilege, make that an honor. This honor goes to the craft. As a chef I always respect the craft of those to strive to make this endeavor profitable and prolific.


All that to say enjoy our recipe!


Eggplant & Tomato Confit Frittatta sauced with Charred Three Pepper Coulis


Sorrel, Bloody Dock and New Zealand Spinach Salad with Grape seed Vinaigrette








Serves 4


4 T of Olive Oil EVOO

7 Eggs (or egg substitute)

1/4 C of Soy Milk (or Heavy Cream)

2 Eggplant Peeled

1/2 C of each tomato cut into half

1/2 C of Oregano Fresh

1 t fresh thyme

1/2 C carmelized onions

1/2 Of Bloody Dock

1/2 C of Sorrel

¼ C of Dried Cranberries

2 each hot& sweet pepper roasted and peeled.

1 t of cumin seeded (toasted in med hot pan)

1 C Gala Apples





1. Mix Confit Tomatoes with Sauteed Eggplants. Toss with S&P then add to egg,cream to mixture. Lightly drizzle olive oil in bottom of your pan. (I just use the same saute pan that I cooked eggplant in!) Season with S&P and bake at 325 for 14 min or (until firm)


  1. Pulse peeled peppers and cumin in food processor and warm in saute pan. Cook on high heat for about 2 min to reduce the liquid by half.


  2. Peel the eggplant and soak in lightly salted water. I then saute this is olive oil and cook for about 4 mins. These will bake in the egg dish and continue to release their flavor.


     4. Toss all greens with grape seed oil, fresh lemon zest and white balsamic. Toss salad and top of the fritatta. Drizzle pepper sauce right on the bottom of the plate.


Chef Tip:


A tomato confit is a tomato slow cooked in it's own liquid. The goal here is to slow roast around 225 degrees for a hour or so. This concentrates the flavor of the tomato and intensifies all that makes this fruit the most beloved garden vegetable of all time. Drizzle the Tomatoes with Olive Oil, Oregano Zaatar , sea salt and cracked black pepper. I just lay the herbs right over the top. The slow cooking process infuses the tomatoes with the aroma of the herbs just the same.



Recipe Seeds:


Purple Bumble Bee TS149

Plum Lemon TY 110

Martino's Roma TM247

Bloody Dock Sorrel HB189

Sorrel HB202

Spinach New Zealand SP102

Melrose Pepper PP152

Blue Jalepeno HP118

Fish Pepper HPP122

Cumin HB152

Oregano Zaatar HB174

Ping Tung EG109     


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8/22/2014 7:52:02 AM

  Nice addition Baker Creek....!

Ian M Wuscher
Kempton, PA
8/22/2014 7:38:08 AM

  This looks amazing! Can't wait to go try this later! Picking fresh ingredients right now!

Prickly Pear
sterling, KS
8/21/2014 7:14:32 PM

  Nice Addition Baker Creek!

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