Endive & Escarole

Phoenix, AZ
April 24, 2014
Good and Easy
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 5.0

What are the pros? Fast Growing with Little Water

What are the cons? Nothing


Easy, fast... super fast, did I mention easy? Faster than all my other greens and lettuce combined. I forgot to water pretty much the entire winter season and it grew and it grew. It's still out there growing in temps up in the 90s in April. I haven't watered it in months. It has begun to flower though- beautiful periwinkle to lavender flowers. The flavor was far less bitter than I expected- having eaten this in many restaurants. I did not tie it up to keep the leaves pale or any of the other tips I read. I grew it with some marigolds around and didn't have any detectable insect damage at all. It's so hardy, I weed whacked my now "drought tolerant" plants to the ground thinking it would be the end, and it has come back and continued to grow more. Goodness... it grows like a weed. Very enjoyable- though not the most beautiful green to look at.

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