Winter Squash

Pacific Northwest, CA
September 19, 2013
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EarlyMaturity 0.0

What are the pros? appearance, use in soups

What are the cons? a few may spoil on vine


Overall, I would say this is a great squash. It is very ornamental, though it takes some time to 'wart up' so don't be surprised when your squash looks huge but still totally smooth! When cooked up the flesh has a very interesting texture. I think it's best for soups and pies. When pureed it has a very light and fine texture, and the best flavor after roasting. I've heard it's actually best to harvest them before they're fully warty for best flavor, so next year I will harvest some earlier, leaving a few to wart up for decoration. The warty squash still tasted delicious. I'm not sure if it was the wet weather that did it, but both myself and my sister in the next town over noticed three quarters of the way into the season, a few of the squash did go soft on the vine, when none of our other squashes did. However, the ones that remained were very large, so we were still happy. As a side note, I always try roasting squash seeds. These tasted like dirt. Oh well, can't have it all I guess!

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