Winter Squash

Prescott, WI
November 10, 2013
Pretty and Taste Good
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 3.5

What are the pros? Sweet taste and appearance

What are the cons? Rot easily


This pumpkin is sweet and flavorful. Though not as flavorful as banana squash, which tastes like heavily buttered when cook. It is very prolific. I learned from a Taiwanese farmer that you should only allow one fruit on each vine to get the most flavorful pumpkin. I did French pruning on my one plant and got 3 pumpkins on three branching vines. I must watch the vine to remove extra pumpkin to enhance the one fruit I want to save. I used one of them to trade 3 gallons of raspberries with my neighbor. Another one for a bag of apples. I kept the biggest one (13 lbs)for Thanksgiving, It got stung by fruit flies and began to rot. I had to cut it up and eat. The steamed chunk smelled like clay pot roasted sweet potato. When I cleared the patch, I found another big immature pumpkin on the vine ,which was yellow. It developed warts gradually, but rot quickly. I grew sweet meat pumpkin, giant banana squash, and this variety this year. Each of them has some good reason to keep in my garden.

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