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Gardening By The Phases of The Moon Calendar -Short Version

This version covers May 15th – September 15th. The benefit of lunar gardening and working with the forces nature will help gardeners grow more successfully, whether they are at a beginning or advanced level. Plants respond to the same gravitational pull of tides that affect the oceans, which alternately stimulates root and leaf growth. Seeds sprout more quickly, plants grow vigorously and at an optimum rate, harvests are larger and they don't go to seed as fast. This method has been practiced by many for hundreds of years, and is a perfect compliment to organic gardening because it is more effective in non-chemically treated soil. This great garden calendar has these features

The best days for planting by the phase and the signs of the moon

Garden activities for each month Lists of specific vegetables and flowers that can be started in flats or planted directly

Available in three regional versions to match your growing season

Lots of valuable gardening advice presented in a clear, easy to read format!


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