Garlic, Inchelium Red (16 bulbs)

(Softneck) A real winner; very large purple bulbs have a buttery flavor. This Native American variety was discovered in Washington. Plant individual garlic cloves in the fall, prior to the ground freezing, in well-prepared beds of soil rich in organic matter. Plant cloves 1 to 2 inches deep and about 8 inches apart, making sure that the tip of the clove is pointing up and the footprint of the root is down. In northern climates it may be necessary to cover with mulch prior to the hard freezes of winter and then uncover in spring. Provide adequate irrigation and weed control in order to achieve maximum bulb size. Garlic is ready for harvesting when the bulbs are completely filled out and plump. Watch for the bottom two leaves to brown and die back and for the rest of the plant to begin to yellow. Test dig a few bulbs to determine if crop is ready. Discontinue irrigation for about two weeks prior to harvest. Do not pull garlic up by the stalk but lift the garlic by digging with a fork or shovel. Harvested garlic should be spread out or hung away from direct sunlight for two to three weeks to cure (An air-conditioned location is OK). Make sure curing bulbs have adequate air circulation and are not piled atop one another.

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