Jere's annual Letter


Dear Gardening Friends,


We are very thrilled to be printing our 21st annual catalog in 2018, and we think this year’s selection of colorful heirlooms is the best yet. We are more and more focused on introducing super colorful varieties that are packed with nutrition and flavor. We are especially happy to be bringing you a host of new corn varieties after spending years to keep these pure from toxic, GMO pollen.


As we start our 21st season, we feel blessed to be able to continue our passion collecting, growing, and preserving a host of endangered seed types, both here in North America and in the most remote spots around the globe. The bounty and diversity of our planet ever excites us as seed travelers and preservationists of rare genetics.


Our team of seed explorers has visited dozens of countries in 2017, and we are continually looking for anything endangered and rare. Our family personally spent time in remote parts of Mexico, as well as visiting seed growers in Japan. We are currently planning travels to Thailand and China.


Not only do our travels yield new seeds, but also friends from across the globe who united with us in the passion to preserve the seeds of the people, in the hands of people, and free from corporate control, patents and GMOs. Each year the resistance to corporate, GMO, factory farming continues to grow, both in America, and often times faster internationally. People want the food their grandmothers grew and cooked, as well as trying the foods of other cultures. Seeds and gardening have an amazing way of bringing cultures and families together.


As a small child growing up, gardening always brought both sides of my family together. I fondly remember growing things with both my Hispanic and Danish grandmothers, who often would garden, preserve and cook together, using tradional methods that they learned from their ancesters and passed down to their families. They grew and made their own food by hand, but most importantly they built family, friendships, and always shared the bounty with the neighborhood.


We want to continue the tradition of uniting people around the dinner table, in the garden, and on the farm. We must continue to fight the global takeover of the seed and food supply while at the same time preserve the seeds from our past, seeds that have built our cultures and are often times are the only living link to our past, our ancestors and our heritage.


Please join us in celebrating our seed heritage, as well as joining us at our Spring Planting Festival here in Missouri or at the National Heirloom Expo in Santa Rosa, CA. We would love to see you at one of these events or at our farm in Missouri. We love visitors.


We thank you for your support and wish you a wonderful gardening year!


God Bless!


Jere, Emilee, Sasha & Malia Gettle


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