Jere's annual Letter


Dear Gardening Friends,

We are excited to introduce you to our 24th annual catalog and hope you feel our excitement about all the new seeds that it contains! So many amazing and colorful plants are included this season. We hope you enjoy browsing this seed collection and like all of the new photos from our abundant harvest last season! This year’s catalog is now mailing to well over 1 million customers, as the interest in gardening has really blossomed in the last couple of years.

2020--What a year! It was overwhelm- ing not only for the country and the plan- et, but also for the garden seed industry. The huge volume of orders is continuing as we approach 2021. We hope you all are staying safe and healthy and were able to get abundant harvests. It always seems that in turbulent times people turn to their gardens for food and flowers, and of course a healthy dose of sunshine and exercise.

This interest in reconnecting to our gardens was definitely expressed in recent months. Over the last year, we have seen ours sales often surpass two to three times our normal volume. We have been overwhelmed by all of your interest, support, and kind words as we struggled to keep up with the pandemic buying and increased overall interest in gardening. Some of our varieties packed for the entire year sold out in just weeks or months, as the nation faced a massive shortage of garden seeds in 2020.

We have been working all summer to rebuild our supplies, improve our efficiency, and to prepare for another busy season in 2021. We hope to avoid many of the delays the seed industry faced in 2020.

We are also happy to announce that we are building a new seed & shipping warehouse just down the road in Seymour, Missouri. This new 53,000-square-foot facility will help us to better serve you and continue to save more seeds. We hope to have it up and running in early 2021, and we hope to offer tours once the pandemic is eased in our area.

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We hope you enjoy our new catalog. It is also our hope and prayer that you have a safe and healthy new year and that your crops are abundant!


God Bless! Jere, Emilee, Ella (15), Sasha (13), Malia (7), & Cyan (5) Gettle