Jere's annual Letter


Dear Gardening Friends,

We are excited to share our 22nd annual listing of rare seeds. We hope you enjoy reading the incredible stories of the world’s heirloom seed treasures, seeds that not only grow amazing produce and flowers but also tell the story of our food, and how it has traversed the globe, from neighbor to neighbor and is still bringing people together both in the garden and at the kitchen table. Be part of this long tradition and save some seeds to pass on to your family and friends!


We are happy to offer free shipping. That is right--no shipping or handling charges! And no minimum order, either! We want to make heirloom seeds available to all--any time you need them--and we will strive to ship most orders within hours after we receive them! Thank you so much for supporting our family business. We will strive to offer you the most exciting seeds we can find.


This last year has been incredibly busy for our family. Not only did we discover many “new” selections for this catalog, but we also expanded our family with the adoption of two wonderful children from China. Meet Ella May Ying Zhi Gettle (13) and Cyan William Gettle (3). These children have blessed our lives beyond measure and are gentle spirits who face life with smiles and a big sense of humor that delight our hearts and make us so thankful we were able to bring them home on Christmas Day 2017. Sasha and Malia love their new family and love teaching and learning new words in both languages. Please support adoption; it is a wonderful life changing experience!


Of couse while we were in China, I had to keep my eye out for new seed varieties. So expect new selections from this ancient country in future catalogs, as well as from the dozen or so countries that our team travels to each year. This year we are so excited to introduce varieties like a true pink celery and black goji berries from China, pearly white bitter melons and 2-foot-long carrots from Japan, loads of new peppers, and so much more!


It is our passion and mission to continue to save and share these treasures that are endangered thanks to mega-farming and continued consolidation of our food supply. This last year we saw the Bayer takeover of Monsanto, combining two of the world’s biggest producers of dangerous chemical products and corporately controlled GMO seed. Their products not only include seeds and farm chemicals but many personal products like asprin and sunscreen. Please remember these combined companies’ past role in Nazi Germany and in products like Agent Orange.


Please support your local farms and businesses and make sure your food dollars are supporting the good, fair, and healthy.


Please stop by for a visit or attend one of our festivals. We love meeting fellow gardeners! Thank you for supporting our seed dreams, and we hope you have an incredible gardening year!


God Bless!

Jere, Emilee, Ella (13), Sasha (11), Malia (5), & Cyan (3) Gettle



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