Alexandria, VA, United States
January 31, 2016
Great Winter Crop
Easy to Grow 4.0
EarlyMaturity 5.0

What are the pros? Very hardy, good production

What are the cons? Germination


I live in zone 7B and have grown this spinach and the Amsterdam Prickly through last winter and now most of the way through this winter. Last year I sowed the seeds in place under cover in late October. I also planted some seed in pots in a greenhouse to replace seeds that didn't germinate. I transplanted them at the end of November and they all took just fine. Had my first harvest by February. Last year was a "normal" winter for this area and I was able to harvest every three to four weeks. This winter I planter at the beginning of October. Winter started mild and had a harvest at Christmas time and another a couple of weeks later. Winter then went very cold in the mid-teens and snowy with plants and ground freezing. Today came a big thaw, I checked the plants and they have completely rebounded. With a mild streak I am confident that I will be able to harvest again in 3 weeks.

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