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Ohio, OH, United States
February 23, 2017
Excited for fresh ginger
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What are the pros? Freshness at home!

What are the cons? None


Pre ordered 4 plants. Looking forward to seeing them shipped out to us. Hubby has an indoor garden area that he keeps high humidity, warm and with grow lights on a timer. He's an orchid and bonsai enthusiast (we both are) so the grow area will be perfect for them. I purchased potting soil and a very large deep clear tote bin for planting our new ginger baby plants into so I can watch the ginger growing and know better when they're ready for harvest. I'll be lightening the soil with sand and lots of peat moss since ginger likes lighter looser soils. The temperature in the grow zone is fair well around 80 or so degrees F all the time. I am also South Korean and use ginger a lot in cooking so it will be nice to have my own supply growing in house to use in my kitchen. I'm always happy with my seed orders from Baker Creek so I have no doubt I will be happy with these plants as well. I've just never had any luck with starting my own plants so I'm purchasing starts this time around.

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