Cedar Park, TX, United States
February 7, 2017
more like parching corn
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 4.0

What are the pros? Beatiful and easy

What are the cons? Not much popping


We got these last year for my niece to grow in a three sisters garden. The corn was the only thing that succeeded there. The plants were mature and drying down before the beans even took off. Lots of lovely little ears, though. We had a hard time choosing the prettiest colors for next years seed. I'm posting the review today because we were popping some this morning. Most of the kernels don't pop. Nearly every one parches instead. For those of you unfamiliar with parched corn, think corn nuts. Keep tossing the popping corn on the stove until every kernel is toasted a dark brown, instead of the original colors and when you are done you have a bowl of home made corn nuts and a small amount of popcorn. Still delicious. We are growing these again this year. Instead of planting with warm season beans, we're going to plant directly into the spring peas. With the speed these mature at, I expect both plants to finish at about the same time.

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