Goji Berry, Black (Wolfberry)

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(Black Wolfberry) This spectacular super food is native throughout Central Asia. The black goji berry is very rarely found in Western cuisine but has long been celebrated in the Himalayan region as a powerful medicinal and health food. The black goji is known to be more healthful and potent than the more widely known red goji, and we find the flavor sweeter. The tasty, inky black berries are exceptionally high in antioxidants and are said to boost the immune system and improve circulation. Thanks to their ability to fight free radicals, they have been hailed as a food to promote healthy, graceful aging. The potent berries create an outstanding blue color when steeped or added to foods. These tasty berries are quickly becoming a popular super fruit added to smoothies and brewed into tea. The dried berries are great in granola and muffins or snacked on alone; you can also eat the berries fresh off the plant. Steep the berries into a beautiful blue tea; adding a few drops of lemon will turn the tea a lovely purple/pink color. Gardeners will be pleased to know this exciting berry is highly prolific and easy to grow! Plants thrive in zones 5-10. It grows as a shrub reaching 4-6 feet in height, and the plants are self fertile. The fruit ripens from summer through early fall.

  • 6-12 hrs of Sun
  • Sprouts in 14-21 Days
  • Ideal Temperature: 70-85 F
  • Seed Depth: 1/4"
  • Plant Spacing: 36"
  • Frost Hardy: Yes
  • Lycium ruthenicum

Growing Tips: Soak seeds in warm (70-85 F) water for 24 hours before planting. Add sand to potting mix. Goji prefers an alkaline soil and perfers to stay fairly dry, but tolerates most soils.

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Minimum Seed Count: 50
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