Gourd, Giant Bushel Basket

Would you like to be able to grow gourds that weigh over 150 pounds?  How about 200 pounds?  We did just that, and we are making a limited number of seeds available for the 2023 season. These seeds all come from fruit weighing between 75 and 217 pounds! These were grown at Baker Creek's Mansfield, Missouri, farm during the 2022 season.  To grow truly giant fruit, it is typically necessary to reduce the runners down to just one primary vine and to grow only one fruit per plant.  But we were able to grow these colossal gourds without any pruning, proving that this strain of Giant Bushel Basket Gourd has the genetics to produce enormous fruit! It's a gargantuan gourd, perfect for competition growing or to impress your friends and family! 


We harvested seeds from gourds weighing at least 75 pounds to increase your odds of harvesting a truly mammoth fruit. These spectacular specimens can be used for craft projects, art pieces, or made into utilitarian containers. And this one happens to even be edible, with a crisp, clean, cucumber-like taste.  You are in for a show, as the long vines meander across the garden and the fruit quickly swells to stunning sizes!  Be sure you allow enough space for the plants to get huge - at least 10 feet between plants.  These are heavy feeders so deep, rich soil with high organic matter will help.  We recommend a triple 20 fertilizer applied as needed and make sure your plants get plenty of water.  To aid germination, clip or crack the seed coat at the very top (opposite the pointy end) before planting. This will help the seed imbibe water. We started our seeds indoors in April and took our first harvest in early October, so 150 to 180 days from seeding may be needed to get your gourds to their maximum potential.

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Minimum Seed Count: 5
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