Franklin St. Farmer
Easthampton, MA, United States
March 6, 2016
Better than spinach
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 4.0

What are the pros? Easy, plentiful, tasty

What are the cons? Spreads easily


This green is a tasty replacement for spinach or other greens that you steam, stir fry or boil. You can eat it raw too, but it has a bit of a rough surface that could be off-putting. The flavor is mild, with less tannins than spinach or Swiss chard. Because of its mild flavor, it works well in any type of cooking for which you might use spinach, and won't strike your guests as something "different". Likewise, it has a nice texture that isn't slimy like some cooked greens. It freezes beautifully (we blanch it, then vacuum seal it). The stalks get huge, towering over my head, with big clusters of leaves, so that one or two plants produce more than we can eat or put up for winter. The real beauty of it, though, is that it keeps producing all summer long no matter how hot it gets, unlike spinach, which bolts as soon as spring starts to turn to summer. The only trouble we had was determining what was calaloo and what was local pig weed amaranth that should be weeded when it first emerged.

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