Concrete, WA, United States
January 13, 2019
A MUST no matter what
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 3.0

What are the pros? Flavor, few seeds, thin skin

What are the cons? A smaller tomato


I LOVE this tomato for flavor.. I can’t have seeds or the skin..So this is my all time favorite.. Seeds easily and skins so nicely..Makes a great sandwich! Or jut cut up and in a bowl as a snack..I live in an area where it is cold at night..down to the low 50’s ..shadow of a mountain in Washington state. I grow this tomato in raised beds and it does great. Always find volunteers in the spring time. They grow just as good as the ones I start from your seeds..They area a very good flavor and I pass them on to friends. I had a table of give away tomatoes at the end of the driveway and actually had a lady come to the front door and ask me all about the Green Zebra because they loved it soooo much..It is a smaller tomato but I always get a lot so that doesn’t matter.. I just skin, and seed a couple at a time and enjoy them for the whole season..Good producer.. seems to have a constant healthy plant, and a great flavor.. THAT makes it a MUST to grow for me..

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