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Hare Chhole #2 Green (Green Indian Garbanzo) Chickpea

This is an amazing emerald green chickpea from India. The cultivation of Chickpeas goes back to antiquity, They have been farmed from Spain to Italy to Pakistan and India. Historically some of the biggest production areas for chickpeas has been in the sandy soils of northern India. In the Punjab region chickpeas are a food mainstay, and there is great diversity in the crop. Joe has called this beautiful green unnamed variety “ Hare Chhole #2” after a variety that was developed for Punjabi farmers in the 60’s or 70’s. It is an incredible green color and although green seeded dry chickpeas are known in some parts of India it is all but unknown in the west. Americans in general eat very few chickpeas (garbanzos)( less than a pound a year), however, they are very nutritious and easy to grow in many parts of the country. The do well and germinate even with quite cool temperatures and either prefer coolness or dryness, but not heat and lots of water! The mature not yet dried pods can be boiled, and the seed extracted as a wonderful appetizer. Having a gorgeous green chickpea in the garden isn’t bad either!

This seed is brought to us by Botanical Explorer, Joseph Simcox: learn more here 


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