Garden Berries

Himalayan Honeysuckle or Chocolate Berry

(Leycesteria formosana) Is a little known plant that was originally introduced from the Himalayan mountains way back in the Victorian era in England. The plant was very popular in gardens, but disappeared from cultivation for many decades. It has a small but growing number of gardeners who see it’s niche value as a specialty berry. The berries advisably are only savored when fully ripe, because green berries are hotter than some of the hottest peppers! Once they mature, they become a rich chocolaty brown color with a distinct chocolate/caramel flavor. Joe believes that it will be a hit with top chefs and that they will be on the gourmet lists of foodies before long. The plants are hardy and produce from august to frost. Produces a perennial shrub that should do well up to zone 5.


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