March 23, 2010
Hmong Cucumber Recipe
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Hmong people prepare cucumbers as a refreshing treat. The older folks prefer over-ripe cucumbers like the one in the photo above because I guess as their taste buds get older they prefer a more sour taste with a slimier consistency. The younger green ones will be crunchier and watery in this recipe. But any cucumber with a wide enough girth can be used.1.Split the cucumber in half lengthwise2.De-seed if mature but optional if young as the young seeds are edible3.Use a thin (because it's sharper) metal spoon to scrape the cavity downwards in a fast lengthy motion as if you are scratching it, into a bowl you have set beneath the cucumber. Once you get to the skin stop. Repeat other half. There will be a fine mist spraying in all direction. The intention is to create a cucumber pulp.4.Add sugar to your liking and some ice cubes.(I like to add a little water because I like to drink the juice)

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