N GA Gardener
May 28, 2012
So far so good
Easy to Grow 4.0
EarlyMaturity 3.0

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I have never grown parsnips before and had never eaten them before last year. When I tasted them for the first time I said I need to grow these. I read about how difficult parsnips were to germinate, especially in the southern heat but thought I'd give them a try anyway. I planted them early spring and then planted other spring things around them in my raised beds. They germinated kind of sporadically and at first I thought they were weeds and pulled some up before I realized what they were. They are still coming up (its late May) and the earliest ones have very leafy tall stems and look really healthy. I have beetles all over my broccoli and kale but nothing seems to be bothering my parsnips. They look so healthy and green. I can't wait until time to harvest and eat them.

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