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Homs 11 Tomato
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Homs 11 Tomato (10 seeds) (WWE207) $4.00

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Homs 11 Tomato

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ROUGHWOOD/EFN EXCLUSIVE. This gorgeous tomato was collected in Homs, Syria, by C.O. Eyer of the Near East Foundation in 1949 or earlier. Homs has been one of the cities most devastated by the ongoing war in Syria and is known for being a hotbed of resistance. It was also once a major agricultural center. The 'Homs 11' tomato produces flat, deeply fasciated (ribbed), bright red fruits on sprawling, indeterminate plants. These tomatoes are not long-keepers, so they may not be best suited for market farmers, but for the home gardener they are wonderful -- with a strong, heirloom tomato flavor, a striking beauty, and a powerful story. Being from Syria, the plants are extremely drought and heat tolerant. Grown ecologically in New Jersey by the Experimental Farm Network.

Homs 11 Tomato
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Peter in Rhode Island
Wakefield, RI, United States
September 10, 2017
Bright classic tomato flavor
Easy to Grow 4.0
EarlyMaturity 4.0

What are the pros? Classic bright flavor

What are the cons? Nothing to complain about.


This is a great tomato. I'm a big fan of heirloom tomatoes, though I have to say at times I find some varieties too mild or dull. My first bite of one of these was fantastic--very clean, crisp and flavorful tomato with some tartness/acidity. Nice flesh that holds together when ripe too. Lovely bright red color--could not be more red. The ribbing works against well cut into parts and sliced from there. It holds its shape when chopped. We had a cool wet summer, which concerned me, but plants did well and produced flavorful fruit I was attracted to this tomato by curiosity and wanting to get some window into a food culture I knew little about. I'm going to grow this pretty tart and flavorful tomato again. Thanks Baker Creek for offering it.

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