Hopi Turquoise Corn

Truly breathtaking blue corn said to originate from the Hopi people of the Southwest. This variety yields lovely ears with colors ranging from slate blue to brilliant turquoise with some surprise purples. Used locally in an atole and ground for cornmeal, kernels are both flour and dent types, both often on the same ear. Ears typically run 6” to 12” long, and are produced usually one per 4 to 5-foot stalk. It has grown well even at 8000 ft elevation, indicating tolerance to wide temperature swings and cool soil. Fairly early to mature, being ready for harvest at about 90 days from sowing. Our grower received his original seed in 1986 from John “Eesawu” Kimmey, an educator and visionary of sustainable native agriculture, who worked extensively with the Hopi people and founded the Talavaya Center. An early heirloom conservation project.


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