Growing and Saving the Seed Of Cilantro

Latin name Coriandrum sativum is an annual member of the Apiaceae, or carrot, family. This quick-growing culinary herb is a staple of Mexican and Thai cuisine.



The exact native range of cilantro is not known, but it is believed to have originated around the Mediterreanean to northern Africa and western Asia.


  • Culinary herb




  • Seeds germinate in 7-14 days.
  • Plant 1/4-1/2 inch deep.
  • Direct sow from spring, after last frost, until fall.
  • Ideal germination temperature is 65-70 F.


  • Plants prefer full sun to part shade.
  • A cool weather-loving plan, it will bolt in the intense heat of summer.
  • Space plants 1-2 inches apart.
  • Keep plants consistently watered.
  • Succession sow every 2-3 weeks to keep a steady supply through the season.


  • A fairly pest-free plant, beet army worm and cabbage looper can sometimes damage plants.
  • Use Bt to combat these pests.


  • Plants will readily self seed in the garden.
  • It is super easy to save seeds of cilantro as the plants readily go to seed.
  • Simply allow seeds to dry on plant and store in a cool, dry, dark location.