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 Huarute Azul Michoacan - Corn Enlarge View
 Huarute Azul Michoacan - Corn
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Huarute Azul Michoacan - Corn (12 seeds) (JS292) $4.50

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Huarute Azul Michoacan - Corn

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This rare landrace that is being preserved in Michoacan, Mexico. A local growers cooperative is maintaining this ancient variety trying desperately to save it and other traditional landraces. Grows very tall sturdy stalks that even set ears in Connecticut. Should do well in the lower southern half of the US with adequate moisture. It's a wonderful variety, please save seeds!
Huarute Azul Michoacan - Corn
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Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 3.5

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Baltimore, MD, United States
May 27, 2017
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 3.5

What are the pros? Beautiful seeds

What are the cons? High price for amount needed


People need to understand you need a minimum of 200 corn plants to save seeds. That is extremely expensive at this price. If you do not have that many plants, and do not take other measures to ensure correct genetic pollination, your plants will degrade year after year. If you are going to tell people to save seeds from this that MUST be made clear. Otherwise, I'm very excited to grow these and they are the most amazing shade of blue I have ever seen! Thank you Baker Creek for offering this landrace. Please take the next step in educating people about seed saving, you have a mighty strong platform!

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