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Poppy - Hungarian Blue Breadseed
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Hungarian Blue Breadseed Poppy (600 seeds) (FL118) $3.00

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Hungarian Blue Breadseed Poppy

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(P. somniferum) A graceful and gorgeous poppy from Hungary, beloved for its tasty seeds. This edible bread seed poppy produces dazzling purple petals that give way to large seed filled pods. The pods are excellent for arranging, adding unique form to designs. The seeds are a light blue color with nutty flavor. An annual that easily self sows, we love to plant this poppy in drifts, creating a swaying sea of purple color. Many Hungarian recipes call for poppy seeds, from fillings for rolls and breads there is even a traditional noodle dish with ground poppy seed topping.
Hungarian Blue Breadseed Poppy
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Portland, OR, United States
February 2, 2019
Beautiful but be aware...
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What are the pros? Beauty

What are the cons? possible legal implications


For those who are wondering, Papaver Somniferum is also known as Opium Poppy. In my region, they are not illegal to grow as an ornamental, but become illegal if any signs of harvesting the poppy milk (from the seeds pods) for opium are observed. They are beautiful flowers!

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