Ruthven, IA, United States
July 15, 2018
Easy and Beautiful.
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 5.0

What are the pros? Colors, rust resistance

What are the cons? They reseed thickly


I transplanted 4 starts of Indian Spring hollyhocks in the garden in May, groundhogs chewed them up, but they grew back. They bloomed by late July, first year from seed, and I ended up with a deep, almost burgundy red, a huge flowered magenta, a white one, and a pale pink one. I expected them to come back, but I left the stalks up and I think snow and ice got into the crown and froze the roots. Not to worry, tho, as they reseeded like crazy. I saw no rust on them last year, and see none so far this year even though they are growing cheek by jowl. From last year's 4 colors, I now have an array that goes from very dark red, to deep pink, to at least 3 different shades of rose pink, and a soft pink with a darker eye. Some of this generation have come out semi-double instead of single. Easy, rewarding, and none of last year's required staking. In contrast, the black hollyhocks blooming this year are leaning everywhere and the leaves are a mess.

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