San Diego Gardener
San Diego, CA
November 26, 2013
Low effort high return
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This is a delicious chicory that takes little to no effort to establish in your garden. After enjoying it over the summer, I pulled it up once it was done flowering (it was too beautiful to pull out before that). Little did I know I would also be enjoying it over the fall. It regrew from the root (which must have broken off well over 8 inches below the soil surface). More impressive is the fact that it is located in a spot that has not been watered in well over 4 months and is only receiving about 5 hours of sunlight per day. You would never know since the growth habit is as vigorous as it was in the summer and the pungent bitter flavor is just as strong. Though we enjoy them lightly saut?ed in olive oil, I can see how they would be too strong for most people. To bring the bitterness into balance, cook them with stronger flavored ingredients like sharp cheeses, cured meats, anchovies, tomatoes (particularly sun-dried) and garlic, or braise in wine, meat stock, or beer. So good!

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