A Hard Search for a Delicious Melon

About 10 years ago Joe got wind that a very unusual melon existed in Central India. It was a beautiful melon that was “tri-colored” Copper-Red, Yellow and Green with honeydew green flesh! After extensive research, Joe found a clue that the melon had at least been temporarily offered by a company named Unwins in the United Kingdom in the early 90’s. Despite his enthusiasm, all efforts to track down this melon led to a dead end.

Joe spent the next 8 years looking for seeds of this beautiful melon. He wrote friends in India and received word back that they had seen this melon but did not have a clue where to get it. Finally in early 2014 Joe made his way to Delhi, India, and while at a local market met a melon man who knew a lot about the melons of Rajasthan. He suggested a place where a seed dealer could have the Kajari variety Joe was looking for. The next morning Joe hired a driver and tracked down the man; sure enough and beyond belief, he had finally after 10 years of searching, tracked down seeds of the Kajari! By summer 2014 a tiny number of Kajari seeds were shipped from India, and the first round of trials started.

A number or grow-outs were made around the USA, and the Kajari did amazingly well. The fruits are absolutely gorgeous, about 3 pounds in weight and delicious! They are juicy and similar to honeydews in flavor. We expect this to be as big a melon hit as the Tigger melon was when we introduced it way back in 2004! Enjoy!