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Kandahar Pendi Okra (15 seeds) (WWE191) $4.00

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Kandahar Pendi Okra

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ROUGHWOOD/EFN EXCLUSIVE. If you've struggled with growing okra in the past, this may be the okra for you. As opposed to most named varieties, which are bred for uniformity, this is a diverse landrace population. Plants may produce green, red, pink, or white pods, which may be long, short, fat, or thin. Most will be slightly spiny, with okra's characteristic invisible spines (best harvested with gloves). The seeds of some plants have very high oil content. Originally collected by the little-known but prolific USDA agricultural explorer E.E. Smith in 1954, "pendi" is not a cultivar name, but simply the name for okra in one of the many local languages used in Kandahar (note the similarity to "bhindi," the Hindi word for okra). If you want to try your hand at plant breeding, using a diverse population like this is a great way to start. Given Kandahar's location at roughly 3000 feet above sea level, this okra is well worth trying in places where the common varieties of okra often refuse to grow. You may have losses in your first year, but as you save seed through the years you will develop your own landrace! Grown ecologically in New Jersey by the Experimental Farm Network.
Kandahar Pendi Okra
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Number of Reviews: 2
Easy to Grow 2.5
EarlyMaturity 2.5

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2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful:

Hillbilly Horticulture
Grayson, KY, United States
February 3, 2019
Early and productive
Easy to Grow 5.0
EarlyMaturity 5.0

What are the pros? Great Germination rate, early.

What are the cons? None


Bought these seed in early 2018. Soaked in water for a few hours and sowed them in a planter on 4-29-18. Two days later they had germinated and popped through the soil. Out of 25-26 seed, 22 germinated. These I set out in my garden on 5-6 and 5-7. The first plant began blooming on 6-30 and had a small pod set the next day. Picked two okra pods off of my Kandahar okra plants on 7-5. One was 9 1/4 inches and dark green and the other was about 5 inches and light green. The 22 plants produced abundantly in my well drained clay soil (I mulched around them and used organic fertilizer.) By 8-15, my tallest plant was 10 feet tall, and several were probably 12 feet by fall. I had two distinct types in this landrace, one that was about 5-6 feet tall with short stubby pods and another type that was tall with pods that remained tender to a length of 8-9 inches. I saved seed from the tall type and will plant again in 2019. I was very pleased with this okra and recommend one try it.

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11 out of 15 people found the following review helpful:

Trav L. R.
Anytown, GA, United States
July 25, 2017
Pretty good bean
Easy to Grow 0.0
EarlyMaturity 0.0

What are the pros? good flavor, long store

What are the cons? none


I've never grown these but I've eaten them in Kandahar and they're pretty darn good okra. The locals didn't quite understand breading and frying them, so who knows... Will definitely try to grow in the future

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